Welcome to Freedom Drivers Ed.  Located in Castle Rock, CO and serving all of Douglas County, CO.

The buying decision you face is as important as any other decision that you make concerning your family’s safety and security.  When your teen grips the steering wheel of your family car they hold in their hands every occupants dreams, aspirations, and goals – everything they are and will be.  The ability of your teen to make quick, good decisions is imperative to everyone’s safety.

At Freedom Drivers Ed, we understand what is at stake.  Our founder is a veteran law enforcement officer wCastle Rock Teen Driver Trainingho has spent years investigating crashes…some of them with life changing results for the drivers, family, and friends.  We know what the major causes of crashes are.  We also know what a driver can do to avoid these crashes.

As a student at Freedom Drivers Ed, your teen will not only learn everything they  need to be an effective driver but s/he will also practice driving behaviors and skills that will equip them to be safer on the road than the majority of drivers today.

Check us out!  We welcome the comparison to any other driving program in the state.

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